Our ongoing research projects

Status of the Baya Weaver in the Palakkad District – a questionnaire from public.
Formation of Bio diversity database from School children.
Bio diversity awareness programs with the partnership of United Nations and other international organizations.

Anticipating Projects

1. Effect of road on wetland birds - a comparative study in different gradient of urban and rural areas  of Palakkad,Kerala.
1. Ecology of wetlands and water resources in Palakkad, Kerala: climatic change  and projected impact.
2. Status of water resources in Palakkad, Kerala- Aftermath of dam  constructions in major rivers.
4. Efficacy of water resources for bird community in Palakkad, Kerala.
5. Habitat suitability modeling using GIS application of Nilgiri Pipit in the Western Ghats.
3. Population status of Nilgiri Pipit in the Western Ghats.